Key Replacements

The AL-KO Secure Wheel Lock operates a registered key management system enabling the replacement of keys or locks where necessary.

In order to provide replacements it is vital that you have registered your lock.

If you have registered:

Simply ring Lowe & Fletcher on 0121 505 0400.

You will be asked several security questions and then you will be able to request replacement keys, or replacement locks if necessary.

Please note: Once you have received your replacements – please ring us back so we can amend our lock database with your new details.

If you have not registered but have the registration card:

If you have not registered your lock but still have the registration card (located in the AL-KO Secure booklet) then you will still be able to register your lock.

Click here to register now.

Once you have registered, replacement keys can be issued in the normal way, as detailed above.

If you have not registered and do not have the registration card:

If you have not registered your lock and have lost the registration card replacement keys cannot be provided.

If you have locked the device onto your van then please contact a qualified registered locksmith

Please note that you may be required to pay for a new receiver, lock and possibly new brake parts if these are damaged due to the removal.