Choosing Your Wheel Lock

No. The AL-KO Secure is wheel specific. You can check to see which one you will need here.

The AL-KO Secure is wheel specific. You can check to see which one you will need here.

No. You can now purchase the wheel specific insert as a separate item from our online shop. Click here to order yours.

With prices starting from £109.95 including free delivery, buying a new insert rather than a new kit is a cost effective way to secure your caravan.

Simply purchase the specific insert to suit your new vehicle and keep your existing barrel lock, keys, locking bolt and socket.

If your lock is already registered with us, then all we will need is the new caravan details to update your registration details.

Call AL-KO on 01926 818 500 with your current lock’s registration information and details of your new caravan.

Key Replacement

This depends on your circumstances and the different options are detailed below.

My keys are registered

Simply call Lowe & Fletcher on 0121 505 0400 and you will be able to purchase a replacement set of keys.

My keys are not registered but I have the registration card

Under no circumstances will you be able to obtain replacement keys without being registered, but providing you have the Unique Registration Number Card you will be able to register the keys retrospectively. Click here to register online.

Once registered you will then have to contact Lowe & Fletcher on 0121 505 0400 and you will be able to purchase a new set of keys.

My keys are not registered and I do not have the registration card

If you have not registered your lock and have lost the registration card, replacement keys cannot be provided.

If you have locked the device onto your van then please contact a registered locksmith .Please note that you will be required to pay for the callout, a new receiver, lock and possibly new brake parts if these are damaged due to the removal.

DO NOT attempt to remove the lock yourself as you may cause damage to the wheel, brakes or chassis. If you attempt to remove the lock yourself you may invalidate your warranty.

In the event that you are unable to replace the keys for a wheel lock fitted to a caravan wheel, you will need to contact a local locksmith or lock removal company and ask for callout assistance to remove the lock. This might involve the need to cut the lock from the wheel. In this instance, it may be necessary to replace the receiver and wheel lock kit.

DO NOT attempt to remove the lock yourself as you may cause damage to the wheel, brakes or chassis. If you attempt to remove the lock yourself you may invalidate your warranty.

Lock Fitting Procedure

This will depend on which AL-KO Secure Wheel Lock kit you require.
Compact kits can be fitted yourself, but should you need a Plus or Premium kit you will need to contact your dealer to purchase and fit the kit.

The kit requirements are based on the age and model of your caravan.

Click here to find out which type of kit you require.

Lock Maintenance

The design is virtually maintenance free but there are a couple of things that you can do to keep your AL-KO Secure in peak condition.

– Periodically please lubricate the internal parts of the barrel lock with some Graphite Powder lubrication

– Some water barrier grease (such as Vaseline) over the external walls of the barrel lock will stop water ingress between the receiver and the lock during storage.

A barrel sticking is usually due to a residue on the barrel.
If this residue is red it is probably rust and you should the AL-KO Service Department on 01926 818500 for advice.

If the residue is white/grey/black then it is ‘wet storage stain’. This is zinc hydroxide and is caused by the lock being wet (due to condensation perhaps) and not drying out properly. The zinc in the coating reacts with the moisture and forms this white/grey powdery substance.

The white/grey powdery substance can be removed using a “Scotchbrite” pad – the green plastic type of pan scrubber. Rub the pad over the affected area until it is removed, then smear some water barrier grease – such as Vaseline – over the exterior of the barrel lock. This will prevent water ingress in the future.

Lock Registration

AL-KO Secure Wheel Locks operate a registered key management system to enable a key replacement service.

Registration allows your lock to be identified and the relevant keys to be produced and dispatched to you. Without this registration there is no way to identify which key fits your lock, so in order to replace your keys it is vital that you have registered your lock.

Registration must be completed either online or via postal form included with your product. You will need the Unique Registration Number provided on the card in the Secure Lock Kit.

It is a simple process during which you will provide your personal information and Unique Registration Number, and create security questions which will be used to confirm your identity should you require replacement keys at any point.

Click here to register online.

If you sell your AL-KO Secure Wheel Lock it is vital that you deregister your lock to enable the buyer to register. To de-register your lock click here.

If you purchase a new caravan and wish to transfer the registration of the lock from one caravan to another you will have to edit your registration. This is also be necessary if any of your personal details change. To edit your registration click here.

In all cases you will need the reference number, password and the other security information supplied at the time of registration.

Not all caravans will have a silver label or code on them. This may be because your label has been lost or fallen off, or you may never have had a label in the first place. This will depend on the year of manufacture of your caravan.

2008 model caravans, without an AL-KO Wheel Lock fitted as standard.

For legal reasons, on all 2008 model caravans where an AL-KO Wheel Lock was not supplied as standard, the AL-KO Secure Receivers were delivered with a grub screw inside the threaded post. The grub screw can only be removed from the receiver by using a specific adapter, which is only available from AL-KO. In order to ensure AL-KO send you the correct adapter, the grub screw must be identified, ideally using the code on the silver label. Should the label have been removed for any reason, you will need to photograph the grub screw and either post or email the image to mail.uk@alko-tech.com for identification.

All other caravans

If you caravan is not a 2008 model, or is a 2008 model which was fitted with an AL-KO Secure Wheel Lock as standard, leave this section of the form blank. This will not affect your registration and you will be allowed to proceed as normal.

Using the Secure Lock

AL-KO recommends using a Side Lift Jack to raise the caravan until the wheel spins freely, allowing you to line up the receiver and lock.

Check out our HOW TO operate the AL-KO Secure Wheel Lock video guide to see exactly how the wheel lock is operated.

The barrel lock is designed to spin round when it is in the receiver. This stops anyone trying to drill it out. For people who may have some manual dexterity problems and struggle to hold the barrel in place whilst unlocking it, we would suggest that you use something to give you a bit more purchase on the lock. One suggestion would be the thumb cut out of a rubber washing up glove. This slipped over your thumb will enable you to hold the lock more securely whilst you turn the key.

Did you jack the caravan up when you fitted the lock? If so you may need to jack the caravan back up to remove it.

When a caravan is jacked up there is a small amount of movement in the swing arm. Consequently, when the vehicle is lowered this movement can push the red insert against the side of the wheel vent, making removal difficult. Jacking the vehicle will release this pressure.